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Harry Potter Halloween Party 2005

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I had a Harry Potter Halloween party which turned out amazing!

I decorated the living room like Diagonally, The dining room like the great hall at hogwarts, the bedrooms upstairs like Gryffindor and Ravenclaw common rooms and when we were done shopping in Diagonally, I converted that into the classrooms at Hogwarts.

I sent out invitations, hand written with pen and green ink which closely resembled the letter Harry got his first year. I changed it a little to invite muggles to Hogwarts and everyone had to come in costume.

Every one got a key and a list of supplies when they arrived. They found Gringotts and got some wizard money from their vaults, then bought supplies:

  • One small orange cauldron
  • Quill and ink or self-inking quill
  • A Portfolio
  • 5 sheets of paper
  • Potion supplies:
    • Diluted Bubotuber
    • Tropical Frog Juice
    • Suspending Solution
    • Raisons
    • Sneezewort
    • Armadillo Bile
  • Transfiguration .Grade 3 by Minerva McGonagall
  • The Constellations by Serena Sinistra
  • Ancient Runes by Alan Futhark
  • Beginning Herbology by Pomona Sprout
  • Arithmancy by Vera Vector
  • Palmistry by Sibyll Trelawney
  • A wand
  • Optionally:
  • A pet (stuffed) animal
  • A cloak

Next, they went to the great hall to make their hats. I let everyone choose which house they wanted to be in, and they decorated their hats with their house crests. (I made all the hats and cut out sheild symbols ahead of time.)

We went outside and played quidditch! (see rules)

I set up about 10 different stations for the different classes, with 5-15 minute activities at each one. We had a chart on the wall of house points and when you finished an activity to the headmaster's (that was me) satifaction, you got to color in 10 house points. (you got 5 points just for trying.) The points made people get a bit competivtive, but that kept it from getting boring.

We took a break from classes to have the Halloween Feast. It was a pot luck dinner so we heated everything up and had a good meal. After dinner everyone had a chance to go finish some more of their classes and go to Honeydukes to buy some sweets.

Then I called an emergency gathering in the great hall and told everyone that the house cup had gone missing. Each house got a set of clues and a locked box. They had to remember or look up different parts of their lessons that day to solves the clues. When all the clues were solved, they had the combination. Inside each box was a differnt map leading to the same location of the house cup. I made sure each group had a flashlight and they raced off to try and find the cup first! I ran back and forth between each team to make sure no one was getting lost.

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