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Harry Potter is a very good series. You should at least read the first book. It's a childrens book, it wont take you very long... :)

Check out my new how to make a Hogwarts Cloak page!

And don't forget my Chocolate Frog Cards page. A list of all the cards and also the ones I want and the ones I will trade.


In preperation for the midnight magic party for book 6, I put together some graphics. All four house badges, (Ravenclaw, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, and Gryffindor) ready to print. I plan on gluing mine to stiff paper, covering them in clear contact paper, and attaching a pin to the back.

I also made my own Butterbeer Labels to glue onto Cream Soda bottles. You can print two per page, make sure its "Landscape". Feel free to Download and Print both items!

If you want to color your own house badge, I traced the ones above. House Shields in B+W


Muggle Quidditch Rules


Harry Potter Halloween Party 2005
Midnight magic party for book 6
Harry Potter Halloween Party 2006
Early screening of Movie 5
Midnight magic party for book 7
Harry Potter Halloween Party 2009

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