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Cheap and easy scratching post

I got a kitten 3 weeks ago and today I made her a scratching post. My dad and I went to a carpet store and got some free squares of some carpet they probably don't sell anymore. We had some plywood and 2x4's in the basement, so we got to work.

First we cut the base out of plywood so the carpet just hung over the edge a little. That would cover the sides of the plywood later.

Next we cut 2 sections of 2x4 the length of the carpet scrap and nailed them together to form a sort of square post. Then we turned the saw at an angle and sawed off the four corners so it resembled an ocatagon.

Now it was time to assemble it. We screwed the pole to the center of the base first with very long screws. Then we cut a circle out of the base carpet with a utility knife(yeay! I got one for Christmas!)

We put the base carpet on the base and stapled the edges down with a staple gun. We tried to staple the pole carpet to the pole, but the staples weren't big enough to hold it. We ended up using smaller screws to hold the carpet to the pole: a row to anchor one edge to the pole and another to hold the last edge after wrapping it. As a finishing touch we stapled the scrap circle cut from the base to the top of the post.

In the end we had a nice, professional looking, sturdy scratching post that cost a LOT less then one bought from a pet store.

scratching post picture


  • scraps of carpet, I used about 5 sq ft
  • plywood for base
  • 2x4, twice as long at you want the pole to be
  • staple gun
  • large screws to attach pole to base
  • small screws to attach carpet to pole

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