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Knitting is fun. My favorite things to knit are mittens and scarves. Also, check out my My Free Knitting Patterns

Current projects
  • Gryffindor fingerless (quidditch) gloves - red with a gold lion
  • Ravenclaw gloves - grey smiply soft on size 8 needles with a navy eagle on the back of the hand. I'll post a pattern after I figure out the first glove.

  • I have been watching Doctor Who lately. The new series is being shown on Friday nights on the SciFi channel in the US. In an episode called Boom Town near the end of the first season, Rose is wearing the coolest looking scarf. I'd really like to make one just like it. Check out my research page here.

  • I am working on my very first sweater. I found this free pattern at jo-ann's. I chose 'lavendar sachet' homespun yarn. It's quite soft when knit up, but a bit tricky at first with the chunky strands. You sort of have to know what you are doing because it's hard to tell how many rows you've done and to distinguish knit from pearl in ribbing.

    Update I finished knitting the back peice over the weekend. The front peice is taking a bit longer because I'm not as excited about it.

    Update I've now completed the front and back, attached them together and I'm nearly complete with the first sleve.

    Update The first sleve is done, I think... I don't know how long to make it exactly. So I started the second sleve without casting off the first one so I can make them the same length.

  • Purple hat and mittens. I cast on 60 stitches onto US size 8 needles, and I think the hat is comming out much too small. This first one may be a christmas present for a little cousin.
    I finished the small one and a larger one using this free pattern: Gotcha Covered #1

    I made a snowflake chart and used that design in the 'Crown' section.

    Next, I am going to make double knit mittens with the same snowflake on the back. Then, I'm going to knit a matching scarf with a snowflake stripe across the edge of each side and fringe.
Future projects
  • I want to make dobby's house elf socks from the book Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. I've never knit socks before. I want to use two circular needles, and knit both socks at once. I plan to cast on using this method and knit the sock with this pattern. One sock will be red and the other green. I need to buy the sock yarn and the needles. After the socks are knit, I'm going to go back and duplicate stitch the broomsticks and snitches on.
  • A very cute snitch pouch
  • Another secret project.
Completed projects
  • I found a pattern for a cat toy made out of fun fur. I think daisy would love it. Update Daisy was indifferent to it. She would much rather play with a 3 foot piece of red heart yarn. Oh well!
  • Christmas present #1 is complete! - I made both an adult and child sized harry potter scaves for christmas presents.
  • A new blue/silver ravenclaw scarf in the style of the first two movies. My first attempt 3 years ago was the first scarf I have ever knit. I wanted it to be in (now that I know the name for it) a stockinette stitch, but I didn't knit in the round nor did I knit a back for it so it curled in on itself majorly. All my scarves since then I've knit either in the round or garder stitch.

    I'm using grey heather and dark country blue Simply Soft yarn, and size 8 circular needles. Though I'd rather copy the book, then the movie and go with blue/bronze... the two colors next to each other just don't look very good. It's real hard to find the right shade of bronze. But silver is easier to find. plus silver is my favorite color. I cast on 64 stitches. I think I will knit 22 rows each color for 10+9 stripes.
    I have Free patterns posted! adult size and child size

  • I'm currently working on a Dr. Who scarf! It's taking forever, but I want to have it ready for my friend before he moves to Seattle, WA. I used the pattern from Megan's site, which is no longer online. Check out It's more then three quarters done...
    Update - He moved... but I'm still going to finish!!!
    Update - All done!
  • It's done! I made a cute Jayne Cobb hat from Firefly for my boyfriend. :) He was very surprised and quite happy when I gave it to him. I used the pattern form SuperFly.

  • I finished a blue and green scarf for Anna. She really likes turtles so I knit one on the end! It's adorable.
  • I loved the jayne cobb hat so much, that I made one for myself!
  • I knit Anna a matching turtle hat for Christmas!
  • I made Fred a blue neckwarmer for christmas.

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