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Current projects
  • I saw a picture of a crocheted afghan and I totally love it and I have to make one for myself. The chart for it is here but I don't totally love the chart. The blackoutlines are not all the same width, and the words at the bottom seemed uneven, and most importantly, the eagle for Ravenclaw doesn't have its wings stretched out like I imagine. So I'm currently in the process of fixing up the chart. My finished image wont be as nice and neat, but hopefully the blanket will be perfect. I bought enough yarn to get started. I might need to go buy more of some colors, like the background, but I'm going to use up what I have so far. I've never done this Tuinsian Afghan Stitch before, so I'm not sure how much yarn it will use.
Future projects
  • My friend from work is making a really nice wavy blue blanket and I want to make one in green and beige, hopefully with simply soft yarn.
    I could only find one beige and two greens that matched in simply soft and I was hoping for 5 colors total. So I'm going to do dk green, green, beige, green, dkgreen, green, beige... instead of dk green, green, beige, dk green, green, beige stripes. I think....
    I bought most of the yarn, now I just need to start it.
Completed projects
  • My cat loved the blanket I was crocheting so much! She was soo cute sleeping on it while I was trying to work. I'm going to make a smaller blanket for her out of the same type of yarn. I'm going to make some purple flower granny squares with a grey background that matches her fur so it doesn't look too dirty!
  • I made my very first granny square

    It was fun! So I made myself a purse and one for my mom too. I still have to sew a lining into them and I will take pictures when that is complete.
  • A full sized blanket that has a star like pattern. It's made of small dimons shaped sections. I got the pattern free from walmart and started the project with my friend maggie. She finished her blanket a while ago, so I've got some catching up to do.

    I finished it! Picture up soon...
  • A little 'evening purse'. It ended up about the size of my palm! A bit smaller then I was expecting.
  • A cute surprise potholder ;) - it was two turtles!

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