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I really like making costumes. I have made renissace dresses and some princess leia costumes, but I specalize in cloaks.

Current projects
  • I bought fabric for a gryffindor cloak for myself
  • I have fabric for two green sleevless half circle cloaks and enough black velvet for a long sleeved cloak.
  • I bought Awesome Yoda Flannel!! and I can't wait to make my pj pants.
Future projects
  • At least three of Eowyn's costumes from LOTR. Refugee, Shieldmaiden, Green and possibly white wool or coronation.
  • I loved all the costumes from EverAfter. I'd like to make the fisrt gown she borrows to wear to court. It's mostly gold.
  • From Starwars, Padme's Nightgown is next, then leia's celebration dress.
  • I also plan to make a tunic and a coteharde. I'm still deciding the style details and colors.
Completed projects
  • I finished a ravenclaw cloak for myself just before halloween '06. I modified the pattern I had been using and created my own news paper pattern. This cloak is lined with a blue fabric, just like in the thrid HP movie. Check out the cloak project page.
  • I made a gryffindor cloak for my cousin for christmas, using the same pattern as my latest ravenclaw cloak
  • I got fabric for Padme's Lavender (or Blue) Nightgown!! I like purple better at the moment, so that's what color I'm making it. I bought crepe back satin. It's awfly shiny, but I liked the drape a lot more then any of the other fabrics joann's had in that color. I'm mostly following this pattern: (Mcalls 4995, now out if print)

    but I'm copying the beaded tassles and broach from the movie. I am also going to try to drape the pearls more acuratly.
    I got lavender slippers at payless for 5 bucks and I want to decorate them with rinestones and possible glitter, dress fabric, or pearls. I'm going to put a butterfly shaped barette in my hair where she wears her tiara.
    I really wish I had a dressform.
    Maybe you will see me at the MOS for costume weekend :)

    I finished the costume last night.

    I made the broach out of sculpty clay because bending the craft wire was a pain and it wasn't looking right. I tacked a bit of the dress fabric behind it. I sewed the perals along the front to imitate the movie. I had to take in the top about 5 inches. The pattern was much bigger then the finished measurments said it would be.

    Me in costume at the museum.

  • I recently completed a blue bodice and skirt with a short white chemise.
  • The same week I also made Fred a navy blue cloak.
  • I made my friend Anna a black Hogwarts cloak for halloween
  • (I made Matt's a few years ago)
  • I made a jedi costume to wear to Ep III. I dyed the fabric for cloak brown because I couldn't find any thick, rough, (discounted) brown fabric for sale in the spring.

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